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B2b sales consultant



 'SALES' and 'BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT' Strategies to grow your business exponentially.

BARECO's Sales & Business Development Model

Market - Customer - Performance

Business Development Consultant

BARECO’s Sales and business Development Solutions are exclusively tailored for Indian small businesses and startups. Our consultancy drives a robust template anchored on three pillars:

  • Market Insight: Essential understanding of the Client's Market dynamics - Industry and Competition and defining the Strategic positioning.

  • Go-To-Market Strategy: Based on the overall Business Plan, build a Sales and Marketing Strategy covering all the strategic bases.

  • Sales Performance Management: Create an optimal Sales organization and a robust system to drive high standards in Sales Productivity and Sales Management.


By harmonizing these pillars, BARECO builds a holistic and dependable Sales and Business Development platofrm that delivers exponential and sustainable growth for Businesses.

Our Sales & Business Development Consulting Services

Sales Synergy Redefined


B2B Sales Consulting (BSC)


BARECO's B2B Sales Consulting transcends a mere service; it embodies a genuine partnership. We collaborate intimately with you to formulate a comprehensive Sales Playbook that resonates with your business aspirations. Our approach encompasses everything from in-depth Industry Research to hands-on Sales Development and Training, ensuring your sales force is primed for success

Key Features:

  • Industry Research: A deep dive into the market to strategically position your business.

  • Market Mapping: Pinpointing opportunities and potential pitfalls for a triumphant strategy.

  • Customer Segment Mapping: Precision targeting to engage the ideal audience.

  • Distribution and Channel Strategy: Efficiently forging routes to connect with your clientele.

  • Product and Sales Collaterals: Designing persuasive materials to bolster your sales initiatives.

  • Sales Organisation & Management: Streamlining your sales structure for peak performance.

  • Sales Funnel Management: Cultivating leads and fostering enduring relationships for continuous growth.

  • Sales Development and Training: Enhancing your team's prowess and industry acumen.



BARECO's commitment is not just to strategize but to act. Our B2B Sales Consulting encompasses both visionary strategy formulation and pragmatic execution support. We accompany you throughout the journey, ensuring strategies materialize into tangible outcomes.


B2B Franchise Consulting (BFC)

Whether you're a small business, a medium-sized enterprise, or a startup eager to scale, BARECO's B2B Franchise Consulting is designed to guide you through the entire franchising journey. We recognize the unique challenges faced by businesses in India and have tailored our services to bridge the gap between ambition and execution.

Key Features

  • Franchise Feasibility Study: We begin by assessing your business's readiness for franchising, identifying opportunities, and outlining potential challenges.

  • Franchise Model Development: Our experts will craft a franchise model that aligns with your brand, values, and business goals, ensuring a seamless integration into the franchise market.

  • Franchise Development Strategy: We'll develop a robust strategy to attract the right franchisees, providing you with a roadmap to expand your reach and influence.

  • Franchise Operations Strategy: From training to support systems, we'll establish the operational framework that ensures consistency and quality across all franchise locations.

  • Franchise Management Strategy: Beginning with thorough onboarding processes and extending to comprehensive rewards & recognition systems, we craft a solid management framework. This ensures harmonious interactions among all stakeholders, aligning everyone with the overarching business strategy and cultivating a thriving culture of success.


Our B2B Franchise Consulting delivers tangible outcomes. From identifying opportunities to enhancing operations, we guide you towards lasting growth and profitability. With proven expertise, we ensure your franchise journey is defined by strategic excellence and realized success

Franchise Consultant

Our Differentiator 

Unveiling the BARECO Impact


Comprehensive Partnership Approach

BARECO's consulting services, whether in B2B Sales or Franchising, are not just transactional engagements. They are genuine partnerships. We delve deep into understanding your business, ensuring that our strategies, be it a Sales Playbook or a Franchise Model, resonate seamlessly with your business aspirations and vision.


End-to-End Strategy and Execution

Our commitment extends beyond mere strategy formulation. With BARECO, you get a holistic package - visionary strategy coupled with pragmatic execution support. Whether it's Sales Development and Training or Franchise Operations Strategy, we ensure that our strategies don't just remain on paper but translate into tangible business outcomes.


Tailored Solutions with Localized Insights

Recognizing the unique challenges, especially in the Indian business landscape, BARECO crafts solutions that bridge the gap between ambition and execution. Our services are meticulously tailored, ensuring that strategies, whether in sales or franchising, are both globally informed and locally relevant.


Expertise in Dual Domains

BARECO stands out with its dual expertise in both B2B Sales and Franchise Consulting. This dual focus ensures that whether you're looking to bolster your sales initiatives or expand through franchising, BARECO has the depth of knowledge, experience, and tools to guide your business towards sustained growth and success.

Our Consulting Approach

A planned Journey for you 


Comprehensive Business Diagnostics

At BARECO, every consulting journey commences with a comprehensive, obligation-free Business Diagnostic. This deep dive into your organization's current landscape offers a meticulous analysis, illuminating potential gaps and unveiling opportunities. Our objective is to provide clarity, enabling you to prioritize and align with your overarching business aspirations and vision.

Bespoke Strategic Solutions

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each business, we craft solutions that resonate with your unique context and needs. Our consultants engage intimately with you, delving into your challenges to architect strategies that are not just tailored but are also result-oriented.



Unwavering Guidance & Support

Our dedication at BARECO is mirrored in the depth of our engagements. From ideation to execution, our team stands shoulder to shoulder with you, ensuring every query and concern is addressed. Our commitment is unwavering - to navigate you seamlessly through the dynamic business terrain, ensuring every potential hurdle is anticipated and every opportunity is seized.

Clients that love us


Krishna Shukla

Hind Global Exim, Baroda

"BARECO's 'Business Transformation Solution' Program has been a real transformational journey for my business. The structured approach has helped us with better perspectives & decision-making."

Sandeep Tandon

DTS Technologies, Delhi

"In Rosario, I found a Coach & Mentor par excellence. He not only helps crystalize your thoughts into vision but also holds your hand firmly through your transformational journey."

Vikram Walvekar

Seri Prints, Pune

“As the Business Coach and Mentor, Rosario encouraged me to identify and prioritise my 'Rocks'.   The engagements helped me build my confidence and take complete control of my business progress.”

Unlock Exclusive Insights with Our Complimentary Initial Consultation

Embark on Your Journey to Transformation

For businesses that are at the initial growth stage or looking to escalate growth exponentially, BARECO extends an exclusive invitation to collaborate and harness unparalleled growth opportunities.

Initial Consulting

At a time that aligns with your schedule, we'll dedicate a full 60 minutes to delve deep into your business vision and objectives. This conversation is not just a precursor to our journey together; it's an opportunity to spotlight immediate actionable insights, offering you tangible quick wins to implement right away.

B2b sales consultant

Contact Us for Free B2B Sales & BD Consultation 

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