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BARECO Management Consulting



Run your Business as a 'CORPORATE' and a 'CEO'.

BARECO'S Business Management Model

Business Foundation and Management (BFM) System


All our Management Consulting Solutions are based on a core Business Management model that we call the 'Business Foundation and Management' (BFM) system. The BFM system is a comprehensive management handbook for Small and Medium businesses to shift from running the Business intuitively to running it professionally by building the right structures, resources and methods. The model works as an enabler for businesses to grow exponentially both in the short term and the long term.

Our Business Management Consulting Services

Transforming the way you run your business 




BARECO’s Business Transformation Solution(BTS) is not just a service; it's a commitment. Spanning over 12 meticulous months, we partner with you to instil our proprietary Business Management System - BARECO’s Business Foundation and Management System (BFM) tailored to your unique enterprise needs. This system is an amalgamation of industry-leading management and organizational practices, meticulously curated to infuse objectivity, strategic planning, unwavering accountability, structured methodology, and a systematic approach to your business operations. Our methodologies are rooted in best practices, ensuring your business operates with precision and efficiency.


Key Features:

  • Purpose: We align your business strategies with your core values and mission, ensuring every action is rooted in purpose and direction.

  • Organisation Blueprint: We meticulously define the critical positions for your business's optimal operation, aligning them with competent and accountable individuals.

  • Accountability: With shared purpose and clear roles and responsibilities, we ensure every stakeholder is accountable, fostering a culture of ownership and commitment.

  • Structure: We standardise systems and processes, streamlining the operations to ensure consistency and predictability in outcomes.

  • Planning: We provide tools and support to help you build strategic blueprints  aligned with your vision, ensuring every step taken is a stride towards your business goals

  • Objectivity: We provide tools and support to help you manage your business from a bird's-eye view, ensuring decisions are data-driven and devoid of biases and the organisation is on the path to its goals.



An organization transformed. A well-oiled machinery that not only meets but exceeds its promises internally and externally. With the implementation of BARECO’s Business Transformation Solution (BTS), watch your enterprise evolve, ready to conquer challenges and seize opportunities with unparalleled vigour.



The "Business Management Consulting" by BARECO is not merely a service—it's our pledge to excellence. Recognizing the distinct nature of each business, our solution is crafted to navigate the diverse challenges of Business Management, ensuring that your enterprise not only survives but thrives.

Main Consulting Streams
Prioritising the most critical Business Management challenges, our solution encompasses:

  • Strategic Planning: Charting a clear path for your business's future.

  • Functional Efficiency: Streamlining processes for optimal performance.

  • Organisation Efficiency: Building a cohesive, high-performing team structure.

  • Operational Efficiency: Ensuring smooth day-to-day operations.

  • Management Efficiency: Enhancing leadership and decision-making capabilities.

Key Features

  • Holistic Business Management Support: From envisioning the future with Strategic Planning to honing Management Efficiency, we provide comprehensive guidance.

  • Expert Analysis & Implementation: Rooted in profound business management knowledge, we undertake a thorough examination of your challenges, leading to the deployment of strategic remedies.

  • Unwavering Support: Beyond mere strategies, BARECO remains your steadfast ally throughout the growth journey.

BARECO's Strategic Consulting Solution is a partnership where our expertise aligns with your vision. We transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring that our strategies resonate with your business's unique identity. With our client-focused approach, we aim to turn obstacles into stepping stones towards unparalleled growth and success.

BARECO's Differentiator

Our Differentiator 

Unveiling the BARECO Impact


Pioneering Sustainable Growth Platforms for Small Businesses

At BARECO, we specialize in forging sustainable platforms that empower small businesses to flourish and escalate. By aligning with ambitious SME organizations aspiring to reach the ₹100 Crore turnover milestone, we facilitate 5X to 10X growth, transforming potential into tangible success.


Comprehensive Engagement: From Insight to Impact


Globally-Inspired, Locally-Adapted Solutions

Our strategies are sculpted from globally proven concepts, meticulously tailored to the Indian SME segment. By preserving the core attributes and adapting them to Indian conditions, we ensure seamless integration and maximum impact, resonating with the unique needs and dynamics of the local market.


Transformation at the Core: Impacting the Organization's DNA

Our seasoned team of consultants is wholeheartedly devoted to realizing your business vision. With a rich tapestry of industry experience, we offer a hands-on engagement that guarantees personalized commitment and support. Our 100% involvement translates into tangible results, reflecting our unwavering dedication to your success.

BARECO's commitment transcends mere solutions; we strive to instill a transformational impact that resonates at the very DNA of your organization. This enduring effect lingers long after our engagement, manifesting in our meticulously crafted solutions and the relentless dedication of our team. From implementation to training and ongoing guidance, we stand by you at every twist and turn, ensuring a smooth journey towards your goals.

Our Consulting Approach

A planned Journey for you 


Comprehensive Business Diagnostics

At BARECO, every consulting journey commences with a comprehensive, obligation-free Business Diagnostic. This deep dive into your organization's current landscape offers a meticulous analysis, illuminating potential gaps and unveiling opportunities. Our objective is to provide clarity, enabling you to prioritize and align with your overarching business aspirations and vision.

Bespoke Strategic Solutions

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each business, we craft solutions that resonate with your unique context and needs. Our consultants engage intimately with you, delving into your challenges to architect strategies that are not just tailored but are also result-oriented.



Unwavering Guidance & Support

Our dedication at BARECO is mirrored in the depth of our engagements. From ideation to execution, our team stands shoulder to shoulder with you, ensuring every query and concern is addressed. Our commitment is unwavering - to navigate you seamlessly through the dynamic business terrain, ensuring every potential hurdle is anticipated and every opportunity is seized.

Clients that love us


Krishna Shukla

Hind Global Exim, Baroda

"BARECO's 'Business Transformation Solution' Program has been a real transformational journey for my business. The structured approach has helped us with better perspectives & decision-making."

Sandeep Tandon

DTS Technologies, Delhi

"In Rosario, I found a Coach & Mentor par excellence. He not only helps crystalize your thoughts into vision but also holds your hand firmly through your transformational journey."

Vikram Walvekar

Seri Prints, Pune

“As the Business Coach and Mentor, Rosario encouraged me to identify and prioritise my 'Rocks'.   The engagements helped me build my confidence and take complete control of my business progress.”

Unlock Exclusive Insights with Our Complimentary Initial Consultation 

Embark on Your Journey to Transformation

For businesses boasting a turnover exceeding ₹5 Crore and envisioning 5X to 10X growth, BARECO extends an exclusive invitation to collaborate and harness unparalleled growth opportunities.

Initial Consulting

At a time that aligns with your schedule, we'll dedicate a full 60 minutes to delve deep into your business vision and objectives. This conversation is not just a precursor to our journey together; it's an opportunity to spotlight immediate actionable insights, offering you tangible quick wins to implement right away.

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