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Transform Your Business with Professional Structures and Methods.

BARECO'S Business Management System

Business Foundation and Management (BFM) System

Management consulting

Our Management Consulting Solutions are based on the idea that every business, no matter its size or industry, needs the right systems and structures to grow and scale. We developed the 'Business Foundation and Management' (BFM) system to help with this. The BFM system is a complete guide for small and medium businesses, helping them move from intuitive to professional management by building the right structures, resources, and methods. This system enables businesses to grow significantly both in the short term (sustainable growth) and long term (scalable growth..

BARECO's Management Consulting Services

Empower Your Small Business with Top Management Practices






BARECO’s Business Transformation Consulting (BTC) is not just another consulting service; it is a firm commitment to transforming a business into a professionally run organisation. Over 12 meticulous months, BARECO partners with clients to implement their proprietary Business Management System—BARECO’s 'Business Foundation and Management System' (BFM)—tailored to its unique business needs and structures. BFM is an optimal blend of the best business management and organisational practices for small businesses, providing clarity, structure, and a systematic way to run the business.


Key Features:


  • Purpose: BFM implementation ensures complete alignment of the entire business organisation to an underlying foundational non-negotiable system of value, vision, and mission. This alignment ensures the organisation is unified in purpose and moving in one direction.

  • Organisation Blueprint: BFM meticulously defines all the critical positions necessary for the business to deliver optimal results, creating a clear structure and accountability throughout the organisation.

  • People Accountability: With a shared purpose and clear roles and responsibilities, BFM supports mapping the right person to the right seat, fostering an organisational culture of ownership and commitment.

  • Systems and Processes: BFM identifies key business and customer processes and systemizes them, streamlining overall business operations and ensuring consistency and predictability in outcomes.

  • Business Planning & Execution: BFM provides tools and frameworks to the business leadership team to run the business objectively, predict the future, and ensure the entire organization delivers accordingly.



Transform a business from chaos to a well-organized machine where motivated and accountable people work seamlessly. With BARECO’s BFM system, watch the business grow, ready to tackle challenges and seize opportunities with great energy.





While BTC offers a complete overhaul of how a business is run, BARECO also provides Business Management Consulting (BMC), a modular consulting service that focuses on the specific areas the client identifies as most critical.

BMC Consulting Modules:

  • Business Planning Modules: Creating a long-term vision and path for the business.

  • Organisation Modules: Building a cohesive, high-performing organisation structure.

  • Management Modules: Improving leadership and decision-making skills of the leadership team.

  • Functional Modules: Streamlining business processes for better performance, reliability, and continuity.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Business Support: From planning for the future to improving management efficiency, BARECO offers complete guidance.

  • Expert Analysis & Solutions: With deep business management domain expertise, BARECO provides the capability to understand the client's real challenges and provide the right strategic solutions.

  • Continuous Support: BARECO is available to the client throughout their growth journey, offering more than just strategies.



BARECO's strategic consulting solution is a partnership in which it aligns its expertise with the client's vision. With a client-focused approach, BARECO helps turn obstacles into significant growth opportunities.

Business management consultant in India

Our Differentiator 

Unveiling the BARECO Impact


Tailored Growth Strategies for Small Businesses:

BARECO creates customized growth plans designed to help small businesses achieve significant milestones. By focusing on the unique needs of each client, they enable 5X to 10X growth, turning potential into real success.


Hands-On Partnership for Real Results:

BARECO’s experienced consultants are fully committed to the client's success. With extensive industry experience, they offer hands-on support and personalized commitment, ensuring tangible results and a genuine partnership throughout the growth journey.


Global Expertise, Local Adaptation:

BARECO uses proven global strategies, meticulously adapted to fit the specific needs of Indian SMEs. This ensures seamless integration and maximum impact, providing effective solutions that resonate with the local market.


Deep, Lasting Transformation:

BARECO goes beyond providing quick fixes; they aim to deeply transform the organization. Their well-crafted solutions and dedicated team ensure a lasting impact, supporting clients from start to finish in their transformation journey.

Our Consulting Approach

Assess, Plan, Implement, Succeed: Your Path to Sustainable Growth with BARECO


Step 1: Assessment and Planning

BARECO begins with a comprehensive analysis of the business's current state, setting the stage for both Business Transformation Consulting (BTC) and Business Management Consulting (BMC). For BTC, BARECO conducts workshops to co-develop the various modules of the Business Foundation and Management System (BFM) under their facilitation. This collaborative process helps build a complete framework for implementation tailored to the business's unique needs. For BMC, the focus is on evaluating specific areas identified by the client as critical and selecting relevant modules (Business Planning, Organisation, Management, or Functional). A customized action plan is developed for each selected module to address the client's unique requirements.

Step 2: Implementation

In the implementation phase, BARECO provides crtical engagement to ensure the strategies and solutions are effectively integrated into the client's business. For BTC, this involves quarterly and monthly engagement sessions to mentor and support the implementation of the BTC framework, ensuring that changes are reflected at the organisational level. For BMC, workshops are conducted to roll out the strategic plan, aligning and committing the leadership team to the implementation. This phase ensures that all levels of the organisation are on board with the new processes and practices.



Monitoring and Continuous Support

BARECO combines the monitoring and continuous support phases for both BTC and BMC to ensure sustained improvements and successful outcomes. They measure key success factors to track progress and results. For BTC, BARECO provides one-on-one executive coaching for key leadership, helping them drive organisational transformation effectively. For BMC, BARECO is available to provide ongoing support, execution assistance, and mentorship for the leadership team. This comprehensive support ensures that both BTC and BMC clients achieve their respective goals through optimum execution and experience significant growth and success.

Clients that love us


Krishna Shukla

Hind Global Exim, Baroda

"BARECO's 'Business Transformation Solution' Program has been a real transformational journey for my business. The structured approach has helped us with better perspectives & decision-making."

Sandeep Tandon

DTS Technologies, Delhi

"In Rosario, I found a Coach & Mentor par excellence. He not only helps crystalize your thoughts into vision but also holds your hand firmly through your transformational journey."

Vikram Walvekar

Seri Prints, Pune

“As the Business Coach and Mentor, Rosario encouraged me to identify and prioritise my 'Rocks'.   The engagements helped me build my confidence and take complete control of my business progress.”

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Management Consulting Solutions

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