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Transforming Business and its Leaders!

BARECO is a Business & Leadership Consulting firm offering bespoke Performance improvement solutions to Small and Medium Businesses, Early stage Startups and Business Leaders from all Segments. 


Our Business Solutions transform Businesses into purpose-driven, World-Class Organisations. Through our various engagement modules, we help Small Businesses and Startups build Direction, Structures and Methods in their Business to generate optimum Business Performance across the Organisation. We help our clients achieve their Business Goals & Visions sooner than later. 


Our Leadership Solutions support Business Leaders across Corporates, Startups, and Small Businesses to help bring out the best in them. We help our young and experienced leader clients stay focused, agile and resilient in their journey towards achieving professional and personal goals and objectives.



To become India's Leading Business & Leadership Growth enabler partner:

  • Helping Small & Medium Businesses and Startups create World Class Organisations, and upgrade the overall Segment as a preferred option for Customers & Employees.

  • Nurturing today's Leaders for tomorrow's glory.


Democratise High-Quality Consulting Solutions access to Small & Medium Businesses and Business Leaders


  • We are the rare breed of Business Consultants/Coaches/Mentors that engages in real action instead of classroom knowledge download.

  • We don't sell tall promises of any magic formula for overnight success - There are None. Success is a gradual process resulting from meticulously designing and implementing a proven framework.

  • You are assured of engaging only with the Senior and Experienced Expert partner

  • We Guarantee complete satisfaction with your engagement with us - In case of any dissatisfaction, you are free to ask for a refund or discontinue at any time.

Our Guiding Philosophy


All our Business Solutions are based on a core Business Management Strategy that we call the 'Business Foundation and Management' (BFM) Model. The BFM model is a comprehensive strategy handbook for Small and Medium businesses to shift from running the Business intuitively to running it professionally following its highly effective structures and methods. The model works as an enabler for businesses to grow exponentially both in the short and long term.



Business Transformation Consulting

12-month hands-on Transformation engagement program for Small & Medium Businesses to turn around the business from perpetual operation & management chaos to a world-class organisation.

Strategic Direction Consulting

Build a Strategic Direction and Foundation for your Business that becomes the guiding principle for the Business, the Team and you as a  Business Owner/Entrepreneur for clarity and purpose at all times, especially at times of uncertainty.

Business Process Consulting

Business Consulting to build/streamline functional and organisation processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

Business Planning Consulting

A guided day-long Annual and Quarterly Business Planning for Small and Medium Businesses to define goals, prioritise Rocks and decide short-term tactics.


Business Coach

1-on-1 professional engagement for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to enhance business skills, knowledge and virtues essential for personal and Business success.

Business Mentor

A trusted Sounding Board for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs as their go-to guide and advisor to address critical business situations and challenges.


Sales Consulting

Comprehensive 'Direct B2B' Sales Consulting to build robust Strategy, with a concrete plan and on-ground Execution support.

Franchise Consulting

Franchise Feasibility to Modelling Consulting for successful Businesses to scale up strategically.


Executive Coach

1-on-1 professional engagement for CXOs and Senior Executives as their unbiased professional thinking and reflection partner to gain perspective and decision-making clarity.

Leadership Programs

Group Coaching and Programs for Mid-level Leaders to align with Organisations Priorities and Goals.


Krishna Shukla

Hind Global Exim, Baroda

"BARECO's 'Business Transformation Solution' Program has been a real transformational journey for my business. The structured approach has helped us with better perspectives & decision-making."

Sandeep Tandon

DTS Technologies, Delhi

"In Rosario, I found a Coach & Mentor par excellence. He not only helps crystalize your thoughts into vision but also holds your hand firmly through your transformational journey."

Vikram Walvekar

Seri Prints, Pune

“As the Business Coach and Mentor, Rosario encouraged me to identify and prioritise my 'Rocks'.   The engagements helped me build my confidence and take complete control of my business progress.”


Rosario Baretto

Rosario Baretto is the founder and the Principal Consultant, Mentor and Coach at BARECO. He has 25 years of corporate experience in various Sales & Business Leadership roles in the logistics Industry working with MNCs like DHL, FedEx and Maersk Line. Throughout his career, he led and delivered solid commercial results and stood out as a charismatic and motivational Leader.


Before starting BARECO, he was the India Country Manager/CEO of a UK Based Logistics Company. Rosario was instrumental in reviving the organisation from scratch and setting it up to grow exponentially. This Entrepreneurial stint motivated Rosario to leverage his experience, passion and learnings to generate value for the larger world.  


Rosario founded BARECO in 2021 to provide professional Consulting, Mentoring and Coaching services to Small Businesses and Business leaders.  


Rosario is a Trained (PCC-level Training from Ericson International, Canada) and Accredited (ICF ACC Accreditation) Professional Coach. 

Rosario Baretto
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