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Business Management Consultant for Business Excellence! 

Transforming Business and its Leaders!

BARECO is a Business  & Management Consulting firm offering bespoke solutions to Small & Medium Businesses. Our Solutions transform Businesses into purpose-driven organisations anchored on professional structures and methods, helping them raise the organisation's accountability and productivity to achieve the highest level of business Results, Goals & Visions. 



To become India's Leading SME Growth enabler brand playing a central role in transforming them into a World Class organisation and making the overall SME Segment a preferred Employment option for all. 


Growth Enabler of 1000 Indian SMEs 


  • We are one of the few  Business Management consultants/Business Coach & Mentors in India that offers non-classroom based solutions. We provide hands-on engagement that delivers authentic results. 

  • You are assured of not dealing with a Sham. We don't make tall promises of any overnight success or magic formula - There is none.  

  • You are assured of engagement with only Senior and Experienced Expert. 

  • We Guarantee complete satisfaction with your engagement with us. - In case of dissatisfaction, you don't pay for that service.

Our Guiding Philosophy


Our Business Solutions are anchored around a core Business Operating Strategy that we call the 'Business Foundation and Management' (BFM) Model. The BFM model is a comprehensive strategy handbook for Small and Medium businesses to shift from running the Business intuitively to running it professionally with highly effective structures and methods. The model works as an enabler for businesses to grow exponentially both in the short-term and the long-term.


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